Exciting announcements

 Announcement 1 – The Rhinebeck Sweater 

I’ve been teasing about my upcoming book recently, but as we review final layouts and clean up the niggly little details perhaps it’s time to tell you a little bit more. The title is The Rhinebeck Sweater: a Celebration of Sheep and Wool and for the first time I asked some of my favourite designers (and yours I’m sure) to join me. There are 12 sweater patterns, from 12 designers, alongside stories and interviews about the yarns featured.

Join me on Livestream on Monday 9 September at 17:30GMT for The Rhinebeck Sweater prelaunch Party — a live video chat in which I’ll talk a little bit more about the project, read a little bit, and answer questions which you can either leave here in advance or type in during the live event. Afterwards we’ll post a recording here and open up pre-orders for the book. It’s rather fun to have finally written something with bits that can be read aloud, although now that I think of it, audio knitting patterns might be a good cure for insomnia!

Announcement 2 – Local Classes

I’ve taught all over the place, but although I used to teach beginner knitting in Edinburgh I’ve never taught any of my current class lineup at home. It’s been a year since I moved my studio out of my home and it finally seems like a good time to make one of the reasons behind the move a reality. Having the studio means I have a place to teach classes. It’s not a terribly big space, and without the expenses of travel usually associated with visiting an event, I’ve decided to keep the classes quite small — each session will be limited to just eight people. From my point of view that means I might be able to learn everyone’s names (although I’m truly hopeless at that!) and will be able to give more individual attention. Doing a local class is also a chance to try something I’ve wanted to do for ages: splitting an all day class into several sessions with time to absorb everything in between.

We’ve scheduled a few classes in September and early October, but I also have some dates penciled in for November and December so if there’s a schedule or subject you’d be interested in I’d love your feedback.

Click here to view the currently scheduled classes and make a booking.