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October 29, 2020

Finull PT2 is a well loved classic wool yarn in Norway, for good reason. Spun from 100% Norwegian wool this traditional sport weight 2ply yarn is soft enough to wear next to (most!) skin and grippy enough to steek. In other words, with a huge range of colours it's perfect for colourwork, creates a glowing texture of stitches, and is sturdy enough to make cables pop but with a drape that makes it lovely in lace too.

Finull is woollen spun, meaning that the fibres are carded before spinning into a loose, airy blanket of fibres going in all different directions. The resulting yarn is light, airy and lofty creating garments that perfectly balance functionality and comfort.

hand knitting on a swatch in three colours, yellow, blue and navy balls of yarn lie the left side

It's often labelled as a 4ply / fingering weight but we consider it closer to a light sport. If you're familiar with Shetland Jumper weight this feels similar but is a little thicker and denser. The lofty 2 ply can be worked at a wide range of gauges depending on the project. The heathered neutrals, especially, bloom well at looser gauges.

Rauma Finull has remain unchanged for decades, beloved by generations of Norwegian knitters, and for good reason. I know that any project I cast on in this versatile workhorse will be beautiful, enjoyable to knit and a pleasure to wear. It works at a wide variety of gauges, and the colour palette is unrivalled so there's plenty of options to fuel my creativity – one of my desert island yarns. Ysolda

The range of colours

It's impossible not to be inspired by the huge range of over 100 colours, perfect for colourwork and fair isle shading. There's a wonderful selection of neutrals, ideal if you're looking for that sweater-that-goes-with-everything, and they work brilliantly too when paired with brighter shades.  The new heathers round out the colour palette, and go with our favourite natural colours.

a shade card showing a rainbow of colours lays on a wooden surface


a square navy swatch of knitted fabric, with a tiny glimpse at the ball of yarn used in the corner and three t-pins at the side
Finull PT2 swatched in stockinette stitch with colour 438 using 3.25mm needles.
a square swatch of garter stitch in a pale blue yarn, with three t-pins at the side
Finull PT2 swatched in garter stitch with colour 4406 using 3.25mm needles.

Finull's smooth and rustic texture makes it a great choice for garments in both stocking stitch and garter stitch. Although a pure wool, it's not too crunchy and fluffs up with integrity when blocked. We love its stitch definition, and the resulting fabric is sturdy, light and warm.

A perfect yarn for heirloom garments that will last for years, we've used it in designs like Stockbridge, Wardie, Ravelston and our new Abbeyhill kits.


Well known as a dream yarn for colourwork projects, finull has the perfect stickiness that allows your stitches to hold together in the fabric, and bloom beautifully after washing. Choosing colours can often be the most difficult part (and when there are over 100 to pick from that's understandable!) but our blog post on choosing colours for colourwork projects should help you navigate your choices and find the perfect combination. Read more in our post here.

a square knitted swatch in navy, gold and teal colourwork. Three balls of yarn peak out at the top of the image and lay on a grey wooden surface

Finull PT2 swatched in colours 417, 4025 and 483 using 3.25mm needles.

There are a huge amount of colourwork designs ready for you try with finull. It makes gorgeous hats, mittens, socks as well as garments. Some of our favourites include the Bellfield and Cairngorm hat (which is swatched above), Mīlēt mittens, and it would make an amazing Cruden vest.


The loft of finull makes for bouncy, three dimensional cables and the kind of definition that makes cables really pop. The pure wool means that it has good grip too, so when making cables without a cable needle there's little chance of your stitches slipping away.

We loved knitting up swatches for our Abbeyhill sweater where you get the best of both worlds with finull - a combination of beautiful more structured cables with the soothing, smooth stockinette.

a golden yellow swatch with two cables running up the centre, photographed on a grey wooden background. Three t-pins are at the side and a glimpse of the ball of yarn used in the corner
Finull PT2 swatched in colour 417 using 3.25mm needles.
a pile of cabled swatches laying on top of each other, slightly overlapping. The balls of yarn are piled at the right hand side
Finull PT2 swatched in colours 4126, 4129, 4120, 4132 and 4123.

The wonderful bloom Finull gives coupled with its light and bouncy drape mean that it can make wonderful lace projects.  2-ply yarns tend to create yarn overs that, when blocked, open up into well defined holes that show the pattern clearly and finull is no exception. For many it's soft enough to wear next to the skin, and can make heirloom blanket projects that will last and be loved for years. We swatched a square of the Vivid Blanket pattern by Tin Can Knits, and found that finull held its lace pattern so well, even after being stretched and moved around - just what you need when knitting a lace blanket that's going to see a lot of use.

a square lace swatch of knitting, with three t-pins to the right and a glimpse of the ball of yarn used.

Finull PT2 swatched in colour 483 using 3.5mm needles.

Have you tried knitting with finull? We'd love to hear about your experience and what you've made, and you can leave a review too on the product page here too!


image of hands knitting a swatch, yarn tightly piled together and a model wearing a colourwork hat


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