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October 19, 2020

Six years ago Ysolda released the first Knitworthy collection, a hand knit design collection of patterns for quick knitted gifts that continued annually for 5 years. Ysolda's goal with each of the five collections was to create a library of classic patterns particularly suited to gift knitting that you could dip into whenever you wanted to knit for someone special, whatever their style. As knitting gifts is as much about process as sending a gift of handmade love, Ysolda's design goal for these collections was always to create patterns that are "fun and relaxing with an excellent return of impact for effort put in".

a pair of pale knitted slippers with a teal dot pattern around the cuff sit next to each other on a cream rug

If you could create one thing for a loved one that you're missing right now, what would it be? Would it be a cosy shawl to tuck around them like a hug as they shield at home, waiting for it to be safer to go outside again? Would it be a mitten in the colours of the trans pride flag to say 'I see you and I stand with you in this world'? Perhaps a warm hat to pull over ears, a gift for someone having to work outside right now where it's safer but oh so cold. 

three individual fingerless mitts lay flat on a wooden surface. Each features a dot pattern on a grey background and a flag on the cuff in pride, bi, and transgender colours
A white woman wearing a grey sweater and blue shirt looks down smiling, she wears a cabled grey hat with pom pom and a turned up ribbed brim.

Our Gift to You

Our team feels that more than ever, we want to support your making. Whether you're using knitting to create a moment of peace in a difficult day or seeking connection through gift giving, we have 5 years worth of the perfect patterns. That's why all of this week you can purchase any individual pattern from the Knitworthy collection at 25% off, using the code 'KNITWORTHY25'. Want to buy all 5 collections? Add them to your cart and your will automatically receive 25% off. Offer ends midnight 25th October 2020. 

Our creativity unites us. It is at the heart of what makes us tick as makers. When we select patterns and yarn and sit quietly, stitching away through heartache, we create hope. In the face of a global pandemic that is making it impossible to see some of our most cherished people, knitting is a woolly hug that we can send. While friends in the US are facing one of the most frightening elections we've seen, we can offer up a project that took us hours to make. It won't fix all that is broken but those hours, fingers steadily working, are moments of holding space. For us the maker, a moment of creativity might be what helps us hold on to survive and maybe, just maybe, to thrive.

[Knitting is] a way to occupy my hands and calm my mind. The resulting items are a plus, but mostly it helps me to cope with the chaos this year. It's one thing I can control. Selana1505 on twitter



About the Discount 

We wanted to offer this discount for those looking to create something handmade for a loved one. To be knitworthy is to be cared for by a knitter, enough to gift something handmade. 

Those of you who have already knit some of the Knitworthy patterns should know that on Ravelry, previous purchases of any of the collections will automatically count towards your discount. Sadly this isn't possible on our own website, due to the coding restrictions. 

Last year our team shared their favourite knitworthy projects in this blog post and we'd love to know your favourites too. Do you have a knitworthy pattern you return to again and again? Please let us know in the comments to help others chose what patterns they will purchase with this 25% discount. 

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