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October 14, 2020

Introducing the Rhodiola kit: our new limited edition hat and mitten kit featuring custom spun Norwegian yarn that was originally for our 2019 club members. Have you ever tried mosaic knitting before? Rhodiola uses this colourwork technique which is an easy way to use multiple colours that only ever involves working with one colour at a time.

A white woman with blond hair wears a colourwork hat and mitts set, with a black t-shirt. She has one hand raised towards her face and is smiling.
A close up of a model wearing a bright yellow jacket, and one hand wearing a colourwork mitten rests on top of the pocket.

The kit

The Rhodiola Hat and Mitts Kit includes our exclusive Lichen yarn, and a high quality print pattern booklet. We wanted to provide something that felt a little bit unique for either you or a beloved knitter in your life. Perhaps you're missing your knit group as much as we are?

The kit features Lichen, a special blend of Norwegian lambswool and Pelsull fibre (a Norwegian heritage breed) and was spun exclusively for us at the Hillesvåg mill in Western Norway and is only available in this kit. It’s airy and warm with the heathered texture of the colours achieved by over-dyeing the blend of grey and white fibre. Kits are available now but we have a limited quantity of this custom yarn, so if you'd like one, you might want to order now here.

Each kit includes the pattern booklet alongside three skeins of Lichen, our special release yarn. The print pattern includes a complimentary download code, so you can work from the format you prefer and always have a backup. It's all neatly bundled up in our sustainable paper bag packaging which also makes a great gift.

A paper bag showing the yarn and hat and mittens pattern inside, sits beside three skeins of yarn and a knitting pattern
A skein of green, yellow and grey yarn, with a hand holding up one skein.


This hat and mitts set with a bold, graphic colourwork design inspired by the branching stems of many succulents. Rhodiola is a great introduction to mosaic knitting that involves slipping stitches and changing colours between rows to create the colourwork pattern, but only ever involves working with one colour at a time.

Such beautifully dimensional yarn! I don’t have a lot of experience with colorwork, and I love how this mosaic project is making it accessible to me. JonnaGj on Ravelry

Both the hat and mitts are worked in the round, the hat from the bottom up and the mitts from the cuff. Every row on the chart represents two rounds of knitting so be sure to check the notes. Texture is added to the background dotted pattern by purling these stitches on the second round.

It knit up really quickly! I’d never done mosaic knitting before but I really love it, especially the structural effects (the way the yellow kind of gets pulled into the blue at the top of the flowers, for example). Hedinthecloud on Ravelry
Photos of colourwork mittens, a model wearing a colourwork hat while looking to the side and three skeins of yarn, with a hand reaching into shot to touch one.

Tips and tutorials

Are you new to colourwork knitting but keen to give it a try? On the website you can find out more about stranded knitting, some techniques used and how to swatch. You read more here, where you can also find some other patten suggestions and tutorials to get you started.

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