Sherilyn KAL – progress

We haven’t got a lot to share today so we thought we’d update you on the progress of our shawls.

I managed to get quite a bit done over the weekend. I’ve just finished row 8 of my second time through Section 2. I took out the markers since I don’t normally use them when I knit this shawl. But I figured that it might be helpful if I pointed out where the markers would go. You can see there are now three columns, and two repeats of the 18 stitch repeat. 

from Sarah – 

A few days away with little to do but knit (or visit very knitting-friendly places!) turned into some nice progress on my laceweight version. I managed to start my third repeat of chart two just as my flight from Shetland landed back on the mainland. I’m sure I’d have enough yarn for a fourth repeat, but it might be getting a little big by that point. I’m aiming to start chart three by this time next week, and it’s not hard to work on it when the yarn is so pretty!

Some of you may have seen Ysolda’s shawl in the Ravelry thread, despite been in the depths of finishing the new book she’s managed to finish one repeat of section 2. Before any of you ask Ysolda is using Wollmeise Sockenwolle Twin in Grashupfer.

On Thursday I’ll be sharing some tips for working Section 3, hope all your shawls are progressing nicely. Please share your progress here or in the Ravelry thread.