Sherilyn KAL – Section 3 tips

My plan for today was to show the transition from Section 2 to Section 3 with my shawl in progress, which I thought was going along really nicely last night. I think I was on row 9 when I realised something wasn’t quite right. I’d messed up the edging stitches on row 1 of Section 3. NOT fixable by dropping down the stitches so I had to rip it out and start the section again. Luckily there are one or two finished Sherilyn’s in the studio so I’ve used a finished one to highlight the tips I’d like to share.

Transition from Section 2 to Section 3

The photo below shows the transition of the repeat from the end of Section 2, up to about row 27 of Section 3. The arrows point to the beginning and ending points of the repeat.  Sometimes it can be difficult to see how one chart moves on to the next – the end of Section 2 is at the point where the three stitch columns end.

Section 3

The three stitch columns are split so the three stitches go in three different directions. I’ve highlighted that using the blue box in the photo below.

The blue arrow points to the beginning/end of the repeat where a marker would be if you are using them. From this point on Row 15 you will no longer be able to use a marker as the double decrease uses a stitch from either side of the maker.

Visual Clues 

To make sure things are lining up correctly make sure the double decreases are stacking on top of each other.  

Even if you aren’t using the chart to knit each row, having look at the overall pattern on the chart to see if your knitting looks correct is often helpful. The two pictures above show the same part of the shawl. 

I know some of you are getting close to finishing your shawls, hopefully I’m able to finish the knitting on mine this weekend so that I can cover the cast-off in Monday’s post. Then on Thursday I’ll cover blocking. I’ve also started a thread in the group for posting a photo of your finished Sherilyn in to be entered in the prize draw.