Snow White

After wearing the red jumper several times this week I finally decided to block it. It made sense to do so on the dress form and it seems to be drying quite happily. The yarn is Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk and I used 10 balls with pretty much none left over. I was determined to eke out the yarn and get long sleeves out of it and I’m so pleased I did because the little bell cuffs cover my hands and are so cosy. As for the name, I seem to be a little obsessed with fairy tales and knits at the moment. You’ll see what I mean when you see Yarn Forward, and I’m also knitting Rapunzel socks at the moment. I’m very excited about the Purlesence ‘what would Cinderella knit?’ competition.

I have been playing with the Sew U book too.? Not during the day though so I have no photos to share. But I’m making a practise shirt from some insanely sixties fabric that was once a duvet cover of my grandparents. I’m not entirely sure yet whether it is just for practise or if I’m trying to make something wearable. I can’t really decide whether the fabric is cutely retro or not. It’s a fine line. I’m also planning on making some fine grey wool or flannel trousers, with wide legs and cuffs. Very in style at the moment and presumably to be found in H&M but still, I want to make my own.