The Rhinebeck Sweater Lookbook

We’re busily checking commas and that I spelled Rhinebeck correctly (keep missing out the first E!), Julie in Massacheusetts is working her designer magic to make sure all of the text and illustrations are just so and our printer is prepping photos for correct colour reproduction. All of that means that we’re eating a lot of cookies, but more importantly it means that it’s press time. Which means that now seems like a good time show you more of the book and open up pre-orders. I hope you love the book as much as I do, I’m so grateful to all of the friends who made it as happy and inspiring as it is.

The lookbook contains all of the information on sizing and yarn that you’ll need for planning your knitting in advance and will be available as a pdf to add to your Ravelry library after pre-ordering.  

 Pre-order the Rhinebeck Sweater!