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September 11, 2020

As part of our work preparing to get the Abbeyhill sweater design into knitters' hands we once again invited some knitters from our community to work up their version as part of our preview knitter programme.

Our preview knitters for Abbeyhill did such a wonderful job we couldn't resist another blog post to show you their work! This time, all the versions featured use a range of different yarns which we hope gives you ideas for yarn substitutions that work for your needs. (Find the first blog post where our preview knitters used Tukuwool Sock here.)

Size 2 — Jessica, @jujyfruit0

Yarn: Quince & Co Chickadee Organic Heathers

Ease: 3" / 7.5cm

Modifications: I made my sleeves bracelet length, shortened by 1" for my size.

a model with dark hair wearing a purple cabled sweater, standing slightly to the side in front of a bush
a model with dark hair wearing a purple cabled sweater, standing to face a bush


Size 3 — @bokchoyknits

Yarn: Rauma Finull PT2

Ease: 7.5" / 18.75cm

Modifications: Lengthened the body to 33 cm or 13 inches from cast on before joining the body and sleeves. Used Kitchener grafting for underarms for seamless join.

a model with dark hair wearing an orange cabled sweater stands in front of a bush, looking to the side
an orange sweater with cabled hem laying flat on a wooden surface


Size 4 —@marie_tricote

Yarn: John Arbon Textiles Knit by Numbers

Ease: 14" / 35cm

Modifications: I lengthened the body by 11.8 inches/30 cm after cables section.

Size 7 — @oldmaidenaunt

Yarn: own yarn

Ease: 8" / 20cm

Modifications: I wanted a slightly more cropped body so took 10 rows off the body length; I also like a deeper yoke so added those 10 rows back onto the yoke before the decreases. I did 2x2 rib for the neck so it would match the cuffs and hem just because I like those to match.

Size 7 — Jennifer

Yarn: Ripples Crafts Hand Dyed Yarns Cochrane

Ease: 3” / 7.5cm full bust, but 8” / 20cm from upper bust

Modifications: none

a model with dark hair wearing a purple sweater, standing in front of a bush with one arm raised
a model wearing a purple sweater sitting on a chair indoors

Size 9 — Ravelry: KamanaKnits

Yarn: Beaverslide Dry Goods 2-ply Sock/Sport Weight

Ease: 2.75" / 7cm

Modifications: none

a model with blond hair and glasses wearing a purple sweater with cabled hem
a model with blond hair and glasses wearing a purple sweater with cabled hem standing to the side

Size 11 — @mdquilter

Yarn: Juniper Moon Farm Patagonia Organic Merino

Ease: 7" / 17.5cm

Modifications: none

Want to knit an Abbeyhill of your own?

Kits feature Tukuwool Sock, a lustrous wool from Finland in rich heathered colours. It’s tightly spun with three plies for a rounded structure with ideal stitch definition for the cabled border. There’s also nylon for increased durability, because we know you’ll be wearing Abbeyhill over and over. A digital copy of the pattern is also included with kit purchases. Order your kit here.

Have something perfect in your stash? The digital pattern is also available to purchase separately for immediate download so you can get started with swatching straight away. 

We can't wait to see all these sweaters so please do tag us on social media and show us your progress using the hashtag #AbbeyhillSweater!

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