Tighter purls

In last week’s post I shared a tip for swatching in the round, which is necessary because differences in knit and purl tension can mean you get a different gauge working flat or in the round. This imbalance can also cause other problems. Yarn flows backwards. If you ever have problems with ladders when working on dpns or magic loop try pulling the yarn tighter after working the second...

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Swift swatching in the round

There are many ways to knit, but whichever style you work in one thing remains constant: knits and purls are never worked in exactly the same way. Consequently it’s very common for knit and purl stitches to be slightly different sizes. This can cause a range of visible tension inconsistencies and n...

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Wee Cria KAL — Finishing

It won’t be long now before the recipient is snug in their wee Cria!  Now that all the knitting is done its time to work on the finishing touches.  Spending a bit of time on the final details can make such a huge difference and give you a really beautiful finished sweater. Sewing up pockets Whether you’ve made faux or real pockets, use a new piece of yarn to sew up, and not t...

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Colour Dominance

Wearing more me made clothes this month has led me to really hone in on the kinds of garments I wear most often. A Fair Isle vest would probably be included in even the tiniest of my personal capsule wardrobe so it seems absurd that I don’t actually have one I made myself. Enter swatching. While fo...

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Wee Cria KAL — Sleeves and Pockets

Now that you’ve finished the body of wee Cria it’s decision time! Long sleeves or short sleeves, faux pockets or real pockets. The setup is the same for both sleeves choices and both pocket choices, the main difference is the long sleeves and real pockets involve more knitting. I’m going to show you the set up for one sleeve and pocket option, and then on Monday I’ll talk about finishing. Read more

Wee Cria KAL — Pocket openings

Separating out the pocket stitches is quite similar to separating the sleeve stitches.  This time though, the number of stitches cast on will be equal to the number put on hold, leaving a hole for the pocket opening. When it’s time to finish the pockets, the held stitches will be returned to the ne...

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tssk and tk2tog

These twisted decreases are used in Angostura, they’re very useful when working twisted stitch cable patterns. The goal is to work a decrease that leans in the regular direction with only the top stitch twisted.  Read more